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  • Women

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    I work with Women across the Lifespan who......

    ….may struggle with issues like adolescents and parents who don’t get each other; young adults feeling overwhelmed with the myriad decisions that they might feel like they need to make; adults who may be struggling with the decision to marry, have children, or not; career change, empty nest, retirement and how to explore re-connecting with your spouse or making peace with a different lifestyle, money management incongruities, etc. Or perhaps you struggle with coming to terms with your aging body, need help understanding the very complicated caregiving relationship, or dealing with loss, death, drying, and grief. Get in touch with me and let’s chat about these moments in time that need some extra support.


    "My parents just will not hear me." and "My child just will not respect me."

    Young Adults

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions....


    Who has the time for this?

    Older Adults

    "I want more...."


    Whoever called these the golden years must not have been golden...."

    Death and Dying

    How do I make peace with the end of my life and feel like I've left something good behind?"