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  • Adolescents

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    Adolescence can be hard; hellish even.

    For Adolescents:

    There are times when you feel very lonely, misunderstood, unseen, dismissed. There are times when you feel disrespected while others demand your respect and this just doesn’t seem right. There may be times when you just feel scared. Let’s spend some time exploring what it means to move through this time in life as people expect you to make plans while you have no idea what to plan and just want to be seen, feel safe, and pressure free.

    For Parents:

    Adolescence is a time when your child might start to feel like a stranger. Your child is bucking at the family system and maybe it feels like they are leaving you behind for a new peer family that doesn’t seem safe or smart. This is completely normal. Their brain development is putting them exactly in this position. Let’s talk about how this might feel a bit less scary and a bit more empowering for both you and them.